Toyota Keys Replacement

Toyota Replacement Keys

We, Auto Locksmith Sydney, are one of the most experienced Toyota keys replacement service providers in Sydney. We have been in the automotive locksmith business for more than 14 years and have handled almost all forms of car key issues for all models of Toyota. We, therefore, are unquestionably the best Toyota locksmith in Sydney.

Variety of Services

Allow us to serve you better with our complete range of affordable yet professional car locksmith services. Here are some of the issues we can address:

A Better Choice than Dealers

If you love your vehicle crazily, you would perhaps prefer to take it to a Toyota dealer. Sure, they will be able to resolve your issues but be prepared to pay a hefty price. Further, you may have to wait in a queue to be attended and you may have to get your vehicle towed to their service centre. The better choice would be to hire a licensed and insured Toyota keys replacement service provider like us who are always willing to attend to you promptly. Just one call and we will reach you within no time in our fully equipped service vans. We are a mobile locksmith in Sydney and therefore, will be able to reach you within minutes of receiving your call. In most cases, we can fix your issues on the site itself. Further, our services are much more affordable than what the Toyota dealers charge.

Experienced and Skilled Locksmiths

The Japanese automobile manufacturer produces a wide variety of SUVs, pickup trucks, and luxury vehicles. Each model has its own locking technology and only skilled locksmith like us are aware of them. We are skilled people who have complete knowledge of the different coding procedures used in Toyota vehicles. We can provide you with the exact curves and carvings used in your Toyota vehicles so that the new key works well without damaging your vehicle internally or choking the fuel supply. Handling complex locking systems such as the ones used in Toyota vehicles is not an easy job and therefore, you must trust experts like us instead of risking your vehicle by hiring someone incompetent. We can appropriately handle your entire car lock requirement. Our people are insured, trained, and experienced. So, be assured that you will be dealing with professionally groomed people.

24/7 Toyota Keys Replacement Service

Locksmithing is not just about creating a duplicate key. It is an art of dealing with all forms of issues related to lock and key. Have you broken your keys inside the ignition? Has the ignition got damaged and requires replacement? Does your transponder key require reprogramming? Whatever the issue may be, we can help.

Our services are available 24/7. Get in touch with us at 1300 668 368 for immediate assistance.


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