It was not very long ago when misplacing or losing your car keys was not a huge deal. People used to keep spare keys attached to the insides of the bumper in a small case for emergencies. However, same cannot be said about cars in today’s world because like everything else, the cars too have advanced a lot. Which means the keys used today are probably much more complex than a simple push and turn piece of metal. This means you might have to shell out more cash to replace the keys.

However, it still depends on which type of car you are driving, the model, and the year of make, that determines how much of a hassle it is to lose your keys. It also defines how much money you are going to spend so it is of utmost importance to have a car keys replacement handy. There are five main types of keys nowadays and given below is a description to help you out with steps you need to take if yours get stolen or lost.

  1. Traditional keys – Purely mechanical one. Insert it and twist it types both for entry and ignition. A simple trip to the car locksmith will get you covered. Only in rare cases you need to buy a new set of ignition and door locks.
  2. Car Key Fobs – If you have those early fobs that were a mere convenience item that worked only to lock or unlock the car then it is not much of a loss, you can still use the key to lock and unlock plus these fobs are readily available in aftermarket shops and easily programmable to your car.
  3. Switchblade key with fob – The key and the fob have been combined in this type to make a single item. If you lose this, then it will be pricier than the one above as prices can be 4-5 times higher. Also, you will need to reach out to the dealership as aftermarket is not recommended here.
  4. Keys with Transponder – To better prevent car thefts, auto manufacturers started rolling out keys with chips or transponders that locked the ignition to the keys. This means that if the key is lost or misplaced, your car will have to be towed to the dealership, proof of ownership will be required and an order placed for the key. Only when the key arrives can it be programmed and paired to the car.
  5. Smart Keys – For cars with keyless entry exit and push button ignition, these keys are used. These work with proximity sensors in the car and without this key, it will be impossible to unlock or start ignition of the car. If you lose this key then just like the transponder keys, your car needs to be taken to the dealership to order and pair a new key.

In general, the more technologically advanced your car is, the tougher it is for an automotive locksmith to be able to help you out. The simpler the car lock, the cheaper and less process-intensive it is to take care of it.