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People who have a car know how important it is to make sure that it is locked. It is just like the way the security system is essential for everyone’s safety. That is why car locksmiths are frequently required whenever car lock problems or worries arrive. Nowadays, car locks are attached with the newly bought car. It has been regarded as a necessity in order to prevent car theft. We are fortunate that automobile locks nowadays are doing a fantastic job on preventing that from occurring. People back then did not have the accessibility to such secure locks.

The rise of cylinder locks

Believe it or not, cars back then did not have locks to restrict theft from occurring. Their answer back then was to come up with a steering wheel design. They believed that carrying the steering wheel was an effective strategy to stop theft. However it did not work out too well. One of the first designs for car safety was cylinder locks. It looks like a typical door handle you’d see on homes. The cars finally obtained the security they needed. However, you guessed it; this was not enough. The key for the door lock has been the one they had to access the ignition. Once your keys soil on the wrong hands this may lead to a real problem. It was easy to reproduce exactly the key. Car manufacturers ensured that the keys for ignition and door will be different, to provide a solution for this

Mechanical Locks

More types of car door locks have been created to safeguard their locks. They mostly utilised locks that have been more mechanical than digital. There are two kinds that were mostly used by car manufacturers for their models:

  1. Pin Tumbler: As the name suggests, this lock was designed inside the cylinder with metal pins. There has been with the right height of cuts A lock used to unlock it. The cuts increased the pins to allow the lock to be opened
  2. Wafer Tumbler: This is like the pin tumbler. It uses flat, one-piece wafers of various sizes. A key is required to push the wafers back in their places, unlocking the door.

Locking your keys inside the car or losing the keys that are designated for these locks were common. Trying to unlock it themselves was unsuccessful and expensive (due to the additional damages performed ). It was common for auto locksmiths to have a particular tool that can help you get access. But when it falls to the wrong hands it can be catastrophic.

Electronic Locks

Cars today are quite more secured because of the help of the energy of the technology of today. You need one button to press in order to lock and unlock your car. Entry is something, but many keys arrive with a computer processor from gaining entry to be able to stop a bogus key or a copy.

Car Locksmith Services

Along with the car locks’ evolution, automobile locksmiths should stay informed about techniques and the newest trends. We learn how to emerge and keep up with today’s technology. Thanks to technology for developing more ways on how to live safe. This is by far one of the best advantages of technology today. Technology has been evolving and so is the Auto Locksmith.

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