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Losing your car keys is a prevalent problem encountered by most vehicle owners, yet a lost car key is still extremely annoying whenever it occurs, particularly when you are in a hurry to get an appointment. There are many problems, such as missing appointments and wasting your productive time that could influence your whole day, when you lose your car key. If you lose your car keys frequently, we have trusted tips to assist avoid it.

Provide a dedicated place

Most vehicle owners do not have a particular region to position their products like car keys or house keys in their homes. The reality is that some homes and offices are not very nicely structured, which makes it easy for you to lose your vehicle keys.

If this sounds familiar to you then we recommend you to reorganize your room and select a dedicated area in your home or office where you will place objects such as car keys, house keys, mobile phones, and other precious products you use every day. This is a very convenient way to keep track of your keys.

Get a key finder

Technology has helped to find lost car keys. If you lose your car keys commonly, consider having a Bluetooth key finder. This technology allows you to pair your car keys or other precious products with your mobile, helping you find and monitor your vehicle keys ‘ location. The key finder will notify you of your lost key’s place with sounds.

Keys that glow in the dark

Another tip you should consider is to get a key that glows in the dark. Whether in the house or in your office you have lost your key, having a glow in the dark key will help you discover it readily. If you’d do that, attempt contacting your local locksmith in the car.

Attach it to something

Sometimes, to save you from losing your key, you don’t use fresh technology. One technique that has been tested is to connect your vehicle key to something significant or large. You should think about attaching your keys to your wallet or getting a large holder/chain key. You’d be more likely to remember where you placed it by attaching it to other significant stuff like your wallet. But even if you still manage to lose it, at least because it is connected to something large, it will be more noticeable.

Duplicate your key

Often you might be saved from trouble by the easiest technique. If you lose your car keys frequently, consider duplicating a couple of copies. Try to put it in another devoted location in your home or office once you have duplicated it. For instance, you can put one copy inside your bedroom side table cabinet, you can also leave one with a family member, or you can also maintain a copy in your office table.

There is something that many of us will hardly experience at all and that is to have our car keys stolen. Do not panic if you ever get into a situation where your car keys are stolen. All the tips discussed before could save you from future headaches and inconveniences and do not hesitate to contact a trustworthy locksmith service like Car Locksmith. Here at Auto Locksmith, we have the best and well-trained team to help you with all your car lock problems. Give us a call at 8338 9513 for more information about our services