If your car is not starting, it’s likely that a faulty ignition switch is a culprit. Whenever there is a problem with a non-starting vehicle, most people attempt to replace the car is a battery. However, if there is an issue with the ignition switch, this replacement would not work. Ignition switch issues disrupt the power at the point where you are turning the key.

While the energy flow exists, it just is directed incorrectly, and replacing the ignition switch is the perfect solution to this problem. We at auto locksmith Sydney are a leading company that provides a range of solutions to our clients. If you need your car ignition replaced, we can help. 

How a Car Locksmith Can Replace the Ignition Switch

Sometimes, ignition switch issues might not seem like the ignition itself is causing them and they might be marked as other problems. At others, the car cranks but the engine does not start. In certain cases, there might be no cranking at all which indicates that the vehicle is trying to start. In this instance, the ignition spark is missing and you would have to get the switch maintained. If repairing the switch does not work, replacement is the only other option.

Will Repairing The Ignition Switch Work?

Ignition repairs are not very easy. Sometimes the components cannot be repaired or replaced. However, a skilled automotive locksmith would be able to determine the best plan of action. At times, the replacement parts are not easily available or the cost might be too high. Once the locksmith has established what the exact issue is, they would be able to provide you with a suitable solution. In many situations, replacement is a better option.

How Long Does An Automotive Locksmith Take To Fix A Car Ignition?

Ignition switch replacement would typically take approximately 20 mins once the locksmith has all the necessary components. The actual time it takes would depend on how complex the ignition covers are. Removing the bolts, screws, and latches that hold the covers together, takes the most time, and once the repairs are complete, all these parts must be replaced in the right order too.

A skilled car locksmith will complete the job expertly and will make sure that the wires aren’t damaged in any way during the process. While inspecting the ignition, if the locksmith finds that the cylinder isn’t at fault, then only replacing that component would not suffice.

Since there are many different types of ignitions switch models, the locksmith would have to source one that’s compatible, before replacing it. A reputable and experienced auto locksmith would provide on-location solutions and many also offer 24/7 services. It means you do not have to wait for hours or days for this service.

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